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    Construction Supervision

    What is construction supervision? What is its purpose? What does a supervisor do? Our specialists can answer these questions both theoretically and practically, using their expert...
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    Project Management

    During project management our team of professionals guarantee to provide quality realisation of the contractor’s intentions throughout the full construction process cycle, startin...
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    Engineering Consulting

    Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience managing complicated construction processes, we can offer engineer consultation services in a wide array of subjects - projec...
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We offer a wide range of services and a personal approach for each client, and we promise that by cooperating with FORMA 2, you will get a reliable partner for the entire construc...
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Working With FORMA 2 during the whole building process

Based on the experience from a wide variety of projects, a process plan has been developed. It will guarantee successful cooperation on projects of any scope both before the start of construction and after completion.

  1. 1. Evaluation and Planning of Construction Objectives
  2. 2. Design Planning
  3. 3. Design
  4. 4. Construction Planning
  5. 5. Construction
  6. 6. Commissioning
  7. 7. Warranty Liability Management