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Project leadership

The construction phase may be implemented using a variety of project management and implementation schemes and structures. Whether or not the construction is undertaken with the help of a main contractor, or subdivided according to each type of work, all the key aspects of the construction stage need to be accounted for. In order that the construction stage proceeds with the greatest effectiveness, we propose to perform the following:

  • Construction process management and oversight;
  • Construction cost and timescale control;
  • Control of the contractor’s performance;
  • Organization and leadership of meetings;
  • Coordination and agreement of project changes and additions;
  • Organization of the necessary expertise;
  • Financial control of work performed (types 2 and 3);
  • Leadership and coordination of the installation of technology and equipment.

Construction supervision

Construction legislation requires that almost all construction processes require a building supervisor. Therefore, we offer:

  • Construction supervision in accordance with legislation;
  • Construction supervision in accordance with Type 2 standards;
  • Construction technology control;
  • Construction quality control;
  • Construction project compliance control;
  • Performance of tests and measurements using a variety of company instruments.
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