Project Management

During project management our team of professionals guarantee to provide quality realisation of the contractor’s intentions throughout the full construction process cycle, starting from construction conceptualization to handing in the finished building for use. A contractor who is not familiar with construction work might not always be able formulate specific tasks for construction specialists - architects, designers, construction workers, material suppliers - to ensure the desired end result. In these kinds of situations, the best course of action is to entrust the management of the construction process to specialists of the field, who will supervise all the stages in a responsible manner, starting from the production of the project to handing in the building for usage. Our experience allows to professionally evaluate the intended project, to plan the necessary tasks and supervise the construction process.

Project management processes:

  • careful consideration of the contractor’s intended project; expert advice about how to make the best possible solutions to carry out the intended project;
  • project task development in accordance with the contractor’s intentions;
  • project development tender organization; contract negotiation management;
  • construction expertise organization;
  • precise work task development for construction workers;
  • construction tender organization; contract discussion and closing management;
  • construction work control - construction supervision;
  • handing in buildings for use;
  • monitoring during guarantee period;
  • cost and schedule control throughout the project management process.
Design - during the development of the project task we help the contractor to formulate precise indications for designers and the designers working under them. These indications are necessary to organize the project tender and in order to prepare a high quality project. We supervise the work of designers, so that the project would be in accordance with all of the indications included in the project task, as well answer all of the designers’ professional questions that the contractor might not be knowledgeable enough to answer. Trusting the designer without having an engineer consultation is not always the right path to take, because only consultant engineers take a complex approach to the development of the project. We control the level of detail in the project in order that it is sufficient enough to carry out the construction work, so that it does not include self-serving technologies, so that the proposed solutions are of adequate cost, optimal and purpose orientated, instead of being artificially complicated. Throughout project development focus on the quality of its realisation from a practical aspect, taking into consideration our rich experience in project and construction supervision. Construction work tenders - project management also entails organizing construction work tenders. We prepare a precise work task or technical specification, which is an obligatory addition to a construction contract, as well it defines quality requirements, which include and internal structure design and external finishes. Why is this necessary? Regulations determine what are minimal quality requirements or in some areas they do not define requirements the construction workers need to follow. Hence, the fulfilment of minimal quality requirements is left up to construction workers themselves. However, in order to build modern quality constructions, it is necessary to develop precise tasks to fulfil, which features development of a project of accomplishable objectives before every process, managing materials, including scaffolding, before they are delivered and used in construction, presenting executable documentation, managing specific solution, etc. There are also options available for scaffolding wrap advertising, if you need to. Construction process - project management in the construction process also includes upper management, supervision and coordination, ensuring the rights of the contractor and the person directly in charge of construction work, as well as control of supervision, construction costs, deadline and contracted workers’ obligation fulfilment, meeting organization, coordination of changes or additions made to the project, submission or regular reports to the contractor and consultations to those in charge of construction work. We successfully handle project management in accordance with Open Book principles, which entails transparency and clarity of the information in circulation regarding the construction process for the contractor, which also be supported by the sites like Project management means representing the contractor’s interests throughout the full construction process cycle.