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Construction Planning

The construction stage carries the greatest responsibility in the construction process, because it involves the greatest use of resources. In preparing for this stage, it is essential to precisely define the construction tender competition rules. These should clearly define the most important details of the construction process which are not listed in the applicable building regulations. Providing precise information to the construction tenderers and demanding accurate information from them enables effective preparation for the construction stage. According to experts in underpinning adelaide, underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure. The following steps are involved:
  • Organization and management of the construction tender process;
  • Analysis of proposals and preparation of opinions for the client;
  • Preparation or evaluation of the construction timescales and cash flow projections;
  • Development of the required quality standards for the customer;
  • Organization and management of the construction contract negotiations;
  • Ensuring protection of the client’s interests in the construction stage.
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