Engineering Consulting

Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience managing complicated construction processes, we can offer engineer consultation services in a wide array of subjects - project development, construction work and building maintenance.

Engineer consultations services entail:

  • project task development;
  • construction cost calculation - cost estimate;
  • construction project expertise;
  • building technical maintenance;
  • building expertise;
  • building energy certification;
  • thermographic measurements;
  • building density tests;
  • other kinds of tests and expert conclusions in accordance with the contractor’s needs and coordinated work task.
The project task - a compilation of the project development program, the goal of which is to describe the contractor’s construction intentions to the project designers. The project task included general information about the project, the main quality and functionality criteria, the main parameters for the territory and building (for example, load, output), guidelines for the scale of the project, level of details and procedures (stages, deadlines). Construction cost estimate - a calculation of the costs for carrying out the construction project drawn up by specialists of the construction sector. The cost estimate consists of: building materials, construction products, structural products, rate of pay and wages, construction machinery use time and total sum of costs. The level of detail and precision of the cost estimate depends on the stage of construction is it drawn up. Based on regular construction tender results we are capable of drawing up budget estimates also at the very beginning of the construction conception. Construction project expertise - a professional inspection, the goal of which is to evaluate whether the technical solution of the construction project is in accordance with the requirements of existing legislation and technical regulations, as well as the validity of interconnected solutions and good construction practices. If you're looking to install a curtain walling system, visit Structure product design - structure product design in accordance with existing EUROCODE legislation and the recommended standards of the State of Latvia, production of a detailed drawing and estimate of material quantity, and also field supervision. Building technical maintenance and Technical Due Diligence is a set of evaluation procedures of constructions, their parts, as well as the technical condition of construction products. The is an overall or in-depth examination of the building. Completed construction project expertise is conducted in case problems is detected during the building’s technical inspection. Building expertise is conducted by construction experts. The Energy Audit - a building inspection and analysis procedure, which is required to draw up the used energy balance of the building and to evaluate energy saving options. The basis of the energy audit is a calculation of the buildings energy efficiency. Additionally, if you're seeking answers to questions such as 'What is the ECO4 scheme?' you can read this article for further details. Energy Certification - a document which describes the building’s energy efficiency according to A, B, C, D, E, F classes. Buildings with high energy efficiency are given A class energy certification. A building ‘s energy certification entails issuing a certificate of energy efficiency for building both still in design and already handed in for usage. Thermographic Measurements - a method with which it is possible the detect an object’s surface temperature division. Thermographic readings allow to the detect heat leaks and thermal bridges. Building Density Test - a building overpressure density test or the Blower door test, which determine the hermetic insulation of the building’s enveloping elements. With this test is possible to the building’s airtightness and the locate air leakage spots.