We offer a wide range of services and a personal approach for each client, and we promise that by cooperating with FORMA 2, you will get a reliable partner for the entire construction process.

BIM services

  • BIM management
  • BIM implementation strategy and BIM requirements for all project stages
  • BIM coordination for all project stages
  • Applying Common Data Environment to the project
  • Consultancy
  • BIM quality control
  • Requirements compliance analyses

Reasons to choose Forma 2 BIM team

  • Architectural experience  - Long-term experience in architecture, project management both with and without BIM. We understand all architectural and construction processes.
  • Will help you understand BIM  - With long-term practical experience, we are specialists in the field and are willing to share this knowledge.
  • Proven approach / system  - Developed autonomous tests. Developed EIR (Employer Information Requirements), BEP (BIM Execution Plan), etc. templates.
  • Services throughout the project's life cycle  - We are involved in the project starting from the pre-design, design and construction stages, up to the facility management stage. And we make sure that all interstage deliverables meet the requirements of the next stage.