Whistleblowing Report

This report is intended to inform about cases of fraud, dishonest behaviour, attempts to influence a decision or violations of regulatory acts.

The company’s internal assurance system ensures that the whistleblowing channel is secure and confidential. The submitted report will be available only to specially authorized persons.

The information contained in the whistleblower’s report is used exclusively to objectively and responsibly evaluate the facts mentioned in the report.

When reporting a possible violation, the reporter acts consciously, responsibly and in good faith, providing factual information describing the situation that indicates a possible violation. Mention specific facts or circumstances that indicate a possible violation, for example, the date, place where the possible violation occurred, the natural and/or legal persons involved, their positions. If you have evidence, please provide it to this report or indicate where it can be found. Provide additional information that you consider relevant, such as whether there has been such a breach in the past.

If you wish, please indicate your name and contact information here. Please note that the personal data provided will be pseudomized (the information in the message that allows to identify the person will be encrypted and stored separately). The personal data and the report has status of restricted information by law.
Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx, Max. file size: 3 MB.

By submitting a whistleblower’s report, I certify that I consider the information provided in the report to be true, that I act in good faith and that I understand that knowingly providing false information does not constitute whistleblowing and that I can be prosecuted for it in accordance with the regulations.